Friday, 3 October 2014

Introducing: Culture Of The Week

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Starting Sunday, this blog will be interviewing a member of a specific cultural group with the goal of informing readers about different religions and cultures that call Canada home. The subjects of the interviews will vary from leaders of their community to everyday people.

This segment is called 'Culture of the Week' and I'll always be open to requests if any readers want to suggest an interesting person or culture to look into. This is a kind of selfish endeavour because I've always had an interest in world religions and all the different cultures who share this planet. I'm going to enjoy reaching out to community leaders and learning about their culture and also hearing their stories of how and why they chose to come to Canada.

In some cases, the culture I choose may be well-established in Canada going back over a century, while in other cases they may be a community that includes very few second-generation Canadians.

The goal of this research is to create a fuller understanding of Canadian culture. I'll always ask how this person feels they fit into Canadian society, with the goal of getting different perspectives of our country.

First up, I had the pleasure of interviewing Father Marcos Farag, a priest at Winnipeg's St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church. This was an enlightening interview for me and I look forward to sharing our conversation this Sunday.

Do you have a culture you think I should research? Hit me up on Twitter @D_A_Koroma with the hashtag #CultureOfTheWeek!

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